What is Bike Fitting?




Bike fitting isn’t a new phenomenon but, in the beginning, if you could stand over a bike, then it fit.  Fortunately, that’s not how we approach things anymore.

Bike fitting is the synchronisation of rider and bicycle to achieve the most comfortable, efficient, powerful, and safe riding position possible.  Proper fit can completely change your cycling experience.

At Brighton Bike Fit, bike fit is the focus and you’ll feel it as soon as you step into our Serotta International Cycling Institute Fit Studio.


When you go through the fitting process, you’ll learn that a lot happens before you even get on a bike.

We take time to understand you as an individual.  What are your cycling goals? What is your background? What makes your body unique?

Through the process, you and your fitter will determine what works best for your body, creating the ultimate cycling experience.


At Brighton Bike Fit we understand this, and use it to personalize your cycling experience.  Gender, body type, injuries, age, flexibility, skeletal structure, and goals, vary from rider to rider.  So it doesn’t make sense that bike fit should be the same for everyone.

Instead, a bike fitting with us is a personalised service.  Expert fitters, with the best technology and equipment tailor your fit for you.  And with a rapidly growing selection of women’s specific products available, our fitters are focused on achieving the perfect fit for women, as well as men.


bike fitting

What is the difference between being “sized” for a bike and being “fit”?

Some people talk about “sizing” new bikes and others have said that I should be “fit” to my new bike. Are they saying the same thing?


Bike Sizing

  • Being “sized” for a bike generally refers to using general “rule(s) of thumb” or formulas to choose a size in a given bike model. A bike “sizing” is the cycling equivalent of buying furniture before measuring your living room. Without proper planning, you will have to try to make the furniture to fit into the space and there will be compromises.
  • A bike sizing usually takes under half an hour and can consist of as little as seeing if the rider has stand over clearance over the top tube or (at the most) taking some basic body measurements and then selecting the bike size based upon this. A “sizing” is limited in scope and does not take into account important individual rider based variables or flexibility.  The end result of a “sizing” is that the rider must do their best to adapt to the limitations and constraints of the bike that is riden. Despite these substantial limitations, the vast majority of bikes, even high-end bikes, are bought and sold by “sizing”.

Bike Fitting

  • A “fitting” is an entirely different process. A “fitting” is the cycling equivalent to designing your new living room to first meet the needs of you and then selecting the furniture that you know will work. A “fitting” puts the needs of the athlete (you) first.
  • A bicycle fit done by a qualified professional is an important step as it eliminates the guesswork and guarantees that your bike will work well for you. That is truly an investment in your comfort and performance that will pay off for as long as you ride.

How well your bicycle fits you determine a lot. It can mean the difference between comfort and pain, fast and slow, safe and unsafe.

Sizing applies an average setting of all cyclists. Fitting finds “your” individual average and applies your strengths to create the best set up.

Dartfish Motion Analysis

Dartfish’s sophisticated software records a rider’s every movement and can measure leg extension and track key points of movement. Before during and after the analysis is recorded.

A very important aspect for the customer is the ability to view their posture and pedalling dynamics so we build this into every bike fitting session.