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SOLESTAR Cycling Insoles

Designed for Cyclists.

SOLESTAR insoles have been specifically developed for cycling. The innovative and patented Stabilization-Delta of the SOLESTAR cycling shoe insoles maximize the rider’s performance by stabilizing the foot, reducing the recurrent shear forces, and optimizing body posture.

A unique functioning principle

  • No loss of power
  • Highest comfort
  • Maximum stability

The SOLESTAR Stabilisation-Delta

SOLESTAR Stabilization Delta conceptThe SOLESTAR insoles are based on a highly innovative and patented concept, the Stabilization Delta.

The Stabilisation-Delta works like a clamp in your cycling shoes: with its three main contact points it provides strong support for the foot during the entire pedaling cycle. The foot is brought into the optimal neutral position for power transmission and then held there for the duration.



kontrol_product-1SOLESTAR KONTROL ROAD

SOLESTAR KONTROL ROAD cycling insoles bring your feet into the optimal position for cycling. And keep them there.

  • Best transmission of forces
  • The ultimate in support
  • Maximum stability

SOLESTAR KONTROL cycling insoles can be worn in any cycling shoe comfortably without any further customization simply by choosing the right shoe size.


solestar_kontrol_mtb_package_kombi_new2_600SOLESTAR KONTROL MTB

Mountainbiking makes special demands of the rider: Over uneven terrain the rider has to absorb the shocks and at the same time keep balance. This is what the SOLESTAR KONTROL MTB insoles have been designed for.

  • Increased damping
  • Perfect comfort
  • Increased grip

Recommended for Freeride, Dirt,Gravity, All mountain and Trekking shoes.




Reduced to the max. KONTROL BLK have a core made from high quality carbon and are specifically designed for the requirements in competitive road cycling and triathlon.

  • Lowest weight
  • High quality carbon core
  • Maximum grip


custom_doubleSOLESTAR CUSTOM

The SOLESTAR CUSTOM insoles are designed to take the individual situation of each cyclist into account. In addition to the Stabilization-Delta which brings and holds the foot in the right position for cycling, SOLESTAR CUSTOM also allows for the correction of individual asymmetries in the body statics when cycling.

In order to diagnose the right measurements analysis of each rider is carried out. Based on the results the individual body statics can be determined. According to these a pair of insoles is assembled and produced to fit the rider’s feet, shoes and potential problems when riding.

  • Individually fitted for each cyclist
  • Hand-made product
  • Core made from top quality carbon



Brighton Bike Fit can provide the full range of SOLESTAR cycling insoles and have seen first hand the performance improvements possible.


How do they work?

In a nutshell, SOLESTARS work by reducing the amount of pronation of the foot during the power phase of the pedal stroke.  Pronation provides shock absorption for walking and running but isn’t needed and can cause problems when cycling in inflexible shoes and fixed to the pedals.

Are they just for Pro’s

SOLESTARS are for everyone.  They reduce lateral movement at the knee to prevent injury and improve the alignment of the body so your core is fully engaged. Why wouldn’t you want that?

What’s the difference between these and other cycling insoles?

There are other cycling insoles available but none have the patented stabilizing effect of SOLESTARS.  Your feet are unique so SOLESTARS are made to fit you.  Many other cycling insoles are simply a foam insole with some arch support.

Should I just go and get orthopaedic insoles?

Just being orthopedic, doesn’t make them better suited for the purpose of cycling.  Many podiatrists and orthopedists have many years experience with insoles but do they have experience of cycling?  Thats the difference with SOLESTARS – they have been designed after many years fitting insoles for cyclists with problem feet.

What’s the fitting process?

Book in for an appointment and come to see us in Brighton.  We record your physical characteristics and take an imprint of your feet using podotrack imprint paper.  Your details and the scanned images of your feet are sent to SOLESTARS in Germany where they custom make your insoles.  Your custom insoles are shipped back to us in 4 to 5 days.  At your fitting appointment, we fit the insoles into your shoes, answer any outstanding questions and agree a follow up date.


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