Bike Fitting


Full Bike Fit – £ 175

Expect to spend between 2 and 2.5 hours with your fitter for the full Bike fit process using your existing bike.We start with an interview to build an accurate profile of you – the athlete.  The interview will cover your lifestyle, athletic history, pre-existing injuries, cycling goals and aspirations.Next is a physical assessment to establish your level of flexibility, physical characteristics and to identify any physiological imbalances that need to be accommodated in your bike fit.  The pedal to foot interface is key to a comfortable ride and this is covered as part of the bike fitting process.After noting the details of your existing bike set up and a short warm up, on-the-bike measurements are taken and adjustments made to optimise your position. Changes may include altering your cleat position, saddle height & set back and handlebar reach & height

What We Do

  • Investigate:  Cycling goals, aspirations, previous injury, experience, lifestyle
  • Evaluate: Physical characteristics, leg length, flexibility, existing setup, frame dimensions, technique
  • Analyse: Video analysis, clinical measurements
  • Adjust: Cleat position, saddle height, saddle position, handlebar position, stem length & angle, handlebar width
  • Document: Final position documented, fit forms provided to you for reference
  • Follow up:  free 1 hour follow up included

Add a Second Bike – £70

Full Bike Fit + Service – £ 210

Ideal for those who’s Bodies and Bikes need attention.  The full Bike fit as described above plus a bike service


  • Frame and forks cleaned and checked for alignment
  • Gears and Brakes adjusted
  • Bearings checked for play and adjusted where required (Headset, Bottom bracket and Wheels)
  • Drive train removed, cleaned, replaced and re lubed (Chain, Cassette and Chainset)

Extra work priced on request (e.g. Replace cable set, Bleed hydraulic brakes, Bottom Bracket replacement, Hub Service, etc.)

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