Bike fitting is the synchronisation of rider and bicycle to achieve the most comfortable, efficient, powerful, and safe riding position possible. Book Now or call 01273 358531

Why Get A Bike Fit?

Wondering if a bike fit is right for you?

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What We Do

  • Investigate:  Cycling goals, aspirations, previous injury, experience, lifestyle
  • Evaluate: Physical characteristics, leg length, flexibility, existing setup, frame dimensions, technique
  • Analyse: Video analysis, clinical measurements
  • Adjust: Cleat position, saddle height, saddle position, handlebar position, stem length & angle, handlebar width
  • Document: Final position documented, fit forms provided to you for reference
  • Follow up:  free 1 hour follow up included

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I ride a [Insert Bike type here], can you bike fit that?

Yes. Road, Triathlon, MTB, Hybrid and Cyclocross Bike fittings are available

Q: Can you tell me if I am riding the right size Bike frame?

Yes.  A bike fit will help us work out together whether your current bike can support you to achieve your goals

Q: I don’t race, is a Bike fit worth it?

Yes.  Why wouldn’t you want to ride with more comfort, less fatigue and lower risk of injury? Even if it’s just your commute to the office.

Q: Do you sell bikes?

No, We don’t sell bikes so you don’t have to worry about us trying to sell you a new bike to keep the shop running

Q: How long does a Bike fitting take?

Approximately 2.5 hours

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A Bike Fit will improve your performance by a huge amount but even if its only 5%, its 5% you can’t get by training harder…

…Why wouldn’t you want that?