Injury Prevention

Don't wait until you have that pain in the knee you got on your last bike.  Get a bike fit and prevent injuries interrupting your cycling

Preparing for a Race

Signed up for a huge Charity ride or prepping for a hard season of racing.  Whatever your needs, a bike fit will help you get the most out of your training.

Body and Bike in Perfect Harmony

Comfort + Efficiency = Performance. Riding in an uncomfortable position will prevent you delivering your best.  When your position is right you feel strong

Happy Customers

“I’ve been out riding for the last two days and not a twinge! I think that makes you a genius.”

“The Bike has been feeling really good. One of the guys I train with even commented on how solid I look on the bike now, especially when pushing watts!”

“My ride buddies said I looked much more relaxed & comfortable on the bike also so a massive thanks for your time & efforts, from my point of view it was a totally worthwhile experience and I am one happy over enthusiastic customer !!”

“I would strongly recommend this service to anyone who has bought a new road bike and is looking to have it set up correctly”

“I took the road bike out today and I was almost 1 mph faster than any ride i’ve done this year.  Thank you very much for the superb fit”

My bike was a dream all the way round the Etap.  Thanks again for setting it up.  It made a massive Difference

The Process.

What We Do

Each Bike fit follows a process that has been tweaked and changed over the years to deliver the best results with the minimum of fuss.

  • Investigate:  Cycling goals, aspirations, previous injury, experience, lifestyle
  • Evaluate: Physical characteristics, leg length, flexibility, existing setup, frame dimensions, technique
  • Analyse: Video analysis, clinical measurements
  • Adjust: Cleat position, saddle height, saddle position, handlebar position, stem length & angle, handlebar width
  • Document: Final position documented, fit forms provided to you for reference
  • Follow up:  free 1 hour follow up included

If there is something specific you’d like to focus on, no problem, we can make sure thats included.

Every riders needs are different.  Some want help with a specific ache or pain, others want the most efficient position possible.  Everything can be catered for in within your bike fit session with us.

 Frequently Asked Questions

bike fit

Q: I ride a [Insert Bike type here], can you bike fit that?

Yes. Road, Triathlon, MTB, Hybrid and Cyclocross Bike fittings are available

Q: Can you tell me if I am riding the right size Bike frame?

Yes.  A bike fit will help us work out together whether your current bike can support you to achieve your goals

Q: Can you tell me which bikes I should consider buying?

Yes. We can obtain your ideal bike geometry using our Fit bike and then compare that to our database of available frames to provide you a shortlist for testing.

Q: I don’t race, is a Bike fit worth it?

Yes.  Why wouldn’t you want to ride with more comfort, less fatigue and lower risk of injury? Even if it’s just your commute to the office.

Q: Do you sell bikes?

No, We don’t sell bikes so you don’t have to worry about us trying to sell you a new bike to keep the shop running

Q: How long does a Bike fitting take?

Approximately 2.5 hours